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    It’s coming…


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  • yep because fuck them psudopedo/loli idol animes that are floodin anime right now.

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    Police again force protesters to keep moving or face arrest. 

    Vine"We have been very lenient." - officer

    September 27th

    do not take your eyes off ferguson

    they don’t even turn the body cams on anyways sigh

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  • *while Darwin eats paper*

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    Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Rock Howard

    This stage is one of the oldest stages I had for my mugen and I never knew where it came from.

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    Welcome our new brother

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    STORM & Black Panther…

    Relationship goals

    man this already my relationship

    *walks in like K’*

    and then they divorced.

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    +手ブログ by たすはち


    Araki believes that a story couldn’t be good without powerful villains, so if one can fully control time or space, they would be unbeatable.

    That’s why all the villains from part 3 and onward have time manipulation stands.

    Original artist forgot Funny Valentine, which would be the equivalent of switching from side A to B on a cassete

  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 30 Day Challenge


    Day 6: Favorite Minor Character

    1st place (Tied)


    Determined, charismatic, and focused on growing as a person, Ringo Starr Roadagain was one of the most interesting minor antagonists in all of JoJo. Believing that people can only develop during life struggles, Ringo Roadagain sought to duel Gyro and Johnny with his ability to rewind time by six seconds (not one more, not one less). Although Johnny is quickly taken out by Ringo, Gyro gains the determination to take Ringo on. During this duel, both grow and develop as characters. Although Gyro won in the end, Ringo Roadagain, on one of the most beautiful spreads in all of JoJo, welcomed Gyro to the True Man’s World, where decisiveness stands tall against the decay of the world.

    Or at least according to him. Personally I don’t get why he calls it the True MAN’s World. Is he implying that women are not capable of decisiveness? Or maybe he didn’t intend it like that, and if Hot Pants or someone informed him about that, he would have changed the name to something less exclusive. Who knows. His physical appearance is based on a Beatle, so the former really wouldn’t be a surprise.


    Over all, Steel Ball Run had a lot of memorable antagonists. Soundman in particular hits a lot of notes for me when it comes to being likable. Sound based power? Check. Willing to fight for people who had cast him out? Check. Antagonist with a goal which is more morally justified than the protagonists’ goals (or at least Johnny’s)? Check. Doing something badass like RUNNING ON HIS BARE FEET IN A CONTINENTAL HORSE RACE AND WINNING? BIG ASS CHECK.

    I just wished he hadn’t turned out like he did. It would had been neat if he had formed a rocky alliance with Johnny and Gyro instead of becoming an antagonist.

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