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  • Soul II Soul - Back to life (Masters at Work house mix)

    I found this early today and it may now be the rarest song in my library.

  • theleavingscene:

    ***THE DOLLAR BIN***


    Here’s a little slice of heaven for your Sunday morning.

    I’m a quiet digger.  I like to be left alone, getting my hands dirty on the hunt for gold in the basements of my local San Francisco record shops.  But when I found transparent red vinyl with the words “Masters at Work” on it, I’m fairly positive the words “OH, FUCK” literally spilled out of my mouth and filled the room.

    I can’t find this release anywhere on Discogs, or the internet. It appears to be a collection of pop singles remixed specifically for DJ use back in the day. Let’s not pretend that I was more than 9 years old when this was put on wax, because that would be ridiculous.  The nostalgia attached to this doesn’t have much to do with house music, rather everything to do with Soul II Soul (and the Ace of Base remix on the flip).  That was my shit. 

    I really hope you guys enjoy this new endeavor of THE DOLLAR BIN on the site. I can’t quite decide what day of the week is most fitting, but let’s stick with Sundays for now. As always:

    When you can hear the needle on the wax »»>