You're Gonna Carry That Weight.....
Byron(not bryan or bryant! )> 23 years old> Originally from the N.O.(New Orleans) but now in Atlanta. A CIS graduate outta GSU

I usually post funny stuff I find, but sometimes I let you in to what I currently think of the world around me..

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  • BS 2000
    The Scrappy (The Latch Brothers Remix)
  • *Has flashbacks of half pipes in japanese sewers*

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  • Akitaka Tohyama, Satoru Kosaki, Yu Miyake, Hiroshi Okubo, Keiki Kobayashi
    Authentic Sky
  • stealing-your-rhythm:

    "Authentic Sky" || Tekken 4 OST

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  • J Dilla
    Say My Name
    Who Can feat. Fla$HBackS (Prod. by KID FRESINO)
  • Fla$HBack$ + Kid Fresino »

  • Raekwon - “I’ll Be Good”

  • Mr.Itagaki a.k.a. Ita-Cho
    Chillin' Charge Feat. Macka-Chin, Xbs
  • Ita-Cho - Chillin’ Charge feat. Macka-Chin, XBS

  • Daft Punk
    Indo Silver Club (Part One)
  • rustypolished:

    I haven’t posted out-of-left field Daft related songs in a while, so here you go.

    This is Indo Silver Club Part 1 - It kind of depends on who you talk to to judge whether or not this is an ‘uncommon’ song or not. It was only ever printed on the Indo Silver Club vinyl, as far as I know and it doesn’t get talked about a lot. It’s substantially different from the version of the song that ended up on Homework (which was labeled ‘Indo Silver Club (Part 2)’ on the vinyl.

    Indo Silver Club is one of my favorite songs on Homework but I really love this incarnation of it, too. It’s got a whole different vibe to it to me.


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  • Remixed and Produced by RoBKTA
    From the original soundtrack of Ridge Racer Type 4

  • Why isn’t this longer?