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    Its on playasisa for about $70, came here after two weeks if you’re willing to wait. Its also on the JP psn if your want to just dl it without waiting.

  • What is there to say? I fucks wit it.

    As you should, its just that alot of people don’t know it existed well before that Tokyo drift song

  • image skanderbeg answered your question: Your face when you realize Old Man Zangetsu looks almost exactly like Juhabach

    They fit the same archetype, so I suppose that’s why they’re so similar. Japan lacks creativity sometimes.

    True, but I just can’t get over Juhabach’s last words to Ichigo before leaving and Old Man Z has been there from the start as a grand/god father role to;

    "My son born in the darkness."

  • skanderbeg replied to your post: Reblog with your psn if you’re gettin Dragon’s Dogma

    Shame it’s not really multiplayer.

    Yea but people are apparently gonna trade pawns with others in their list so its something i guess.

  • skanderbeg answered your question: Changing my ringtone…

    You GOTTA get the song that plays when Domon is winning a fightt!

    Which one? The shining finger one or the burning finger/heat end one?

  • One of my fellow Gundam brethren

  • skanderbeg answered your question: Eagle Sagat or Chun-Li’s father?

    What does Q have to do with any of that?

    Possible characters behind the mask.